I am trained in Studio Fine Arts with a focus on drawing, painting, and photography.


Artist influencing my drawing and painting style include Paul Cezanne, Jacob Lawrence, Henri Matisse, Maxfield Parrish, and Maurice Sendak. I strive for expressionistic, playful, and whimsical story telling creations in  those works.

With regard to my photographic intent, passion, and thinking I am inspired by variety of photographers such as Eugene Atget, Imogene Cunningham, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, Beuford Smith, and Stephen Shore.

In all my work, I am looking for an interesting point of view, capturing people and places while incorporating social, natural and urban environments.

Contact at info@stevewilcoxartandphotography to purchase existing work or to arrange services for advertising a product, documenting a business, civic, or sporting event, or other marketing considerations for Central, Northern, and Piedmont Virginia. 

Hand held self portrait Shenandoah National Park                    telephone: (703) 220-6660